Enjoy the Holidays All Year Round With Our Christmas Scrapbooking Guide

The holiday season provides us with lots of great ideas for our Christmas scrapbooking. From the hearty food and colorful décor, down to the merry music and celebratory atmosphere, there are plenty of opportunities and ideas floating around for the avid scrapbookers. People from all over the world can find lots of ways to preserve their own memories and Christmas traditions, and scrapbooking is probably one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to do this. As one of the most-loved holidays of the year, Christmas is certainly a very special moment that deserves to be preserved in your scrapbook pages for many generations to enjoy.

This article is geared towards providing a basic guide for beginners who want to do some Christmas scrapbooking of their own. However, advanced scrapbookers may also find a few useful tips here. It never hurts to browse and maybe learn a few more tricks of the trade, even if you do have several years of scrapbooking under your belt.

The first thing you should do is to gather all those photographs that you took during the holidays. You should also decide on a specific theme, even if you’re making a Christmas scrapbook. For example, will your scrapbook be about family celebrations or more about partying with friends? Your choices will help you narrow down the photos that you’re going to use for your album. Whether it’s for friends or family, however, you should be mindful to pick out the photos that will give your viewers a clear, strong sense about who you and your companions are.

The scrapbooking materials you’re going to use should also follow the theme you are after. The background papers and embellishments should provide enhancement to your photos, not clash with them. As for your color selection, they should definitely include green, white, and red, which are the customary colors for the holiday season. The easiest thing to do here is to go out to your local hobby or crafts shop and pick out a pre-packaged Christmas scrapbooking kit. These kits have almost everything you need — stickers, paper, borders, frames, tags, and other embellishments.

Now you can use these materials and coordinate them with your own memorabilia to create a beautiful Christmas scrapbook. With regards to memorabilia, I’m not just talking about photographs. You can also use other items such as handprints of your kids, leftover Christmas wrapping paper, handmade ornaments, or maybe some beer bottle caps from that wild party you had with your friends. As with any other scrapbooking project, anything goes — as long as it tells a story and fits the theme.

Don’t limit yourself to the materials that came with your kit. Be creative and use the items around you. Place some frames or borders on the page and embellish them with markers, paints, inks, or rub-ons. Did you spend the Christmas eve with a very special companion? Why not use lipstick to commemorate that romantic moment? Have your wife or girlfriend put some lipstick on and plant some kisses on your page. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen in a few scrapbook albums, and it looked great!

I hope that this article will help you to come up with your very own ideas for your Christmas scrapbooking. Remember that the most important thing is to select and use the items that tell the story you want. Use all the materials available to you, whether it’s from a store or in your own home. Enjoy your scrapbooking project!