Why Scrapbookers Should Try Creating Digital Scrapbooking Layouts

Are you familiar with digital scrapbooking layouts? Have you ever tried using software to create and develop your scrapbooking ideas into reality? You might be missing out if you haven’t tried it yet, so why not give it a shot? If you’re one of those people who consider themselves as a “scrapbooking purist”, then it might be difficult for you to make the transition from creating scrapbooks entirely with your hands, as opposed to digital scrapbooking where your computer is the main tool for your creativity.

However, creating digital scrapbooking layouts may not be as different from traditional techniques as you might think. The tools may be different, since you are using a keyboard and a mouse instead of scissors, glue, stamps, and paper. But the opportunity for creating beautiful and memorable pages is still there, and if you really take time to learn and try the software, you will find out that there are even more techniques that you can use when going digital. Besides, digital scrapbooking software are designed by people who are familiar with and passionate about the craft, so you will be in good hands.

Personally, one of the best things that I like about digital scrapbooking is that I can design and create my own background papers. Have you ever tried shopping for just one scrapbooking paper to use for a background, and then ended up buying four or five because they were all so gorgeous? I’ve always had that problem, but now I can just boot up my computer and design my own patterns for my scrapbook projects. You can create almost anything — mix and match wild patterns, cool colors, and even use your own photographs as the background itself!

Being able to use your own photos as the background paper is really cool. You can do all sorts of combinations and arrangements that would be unthinkable or difficult to do in traditional scrapbooking. For instance, you can take your background paper with the photo and layer another photograph right on top of it! I actually saw several of my friends doing this same exact technique, and the results looked marvelous, to say the least. You can also do some easy manipulations to your photos, like cropping, color tinting, reducing or enlarging the image sizes, converting them into cartoon drawings, sketches, or oil paintings, and lots more.

There are some digital scrapbooking software that lets you edit and convert your photos within the software itself, but a few others might require you to use external software like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. If you’re just looking to edit your photos for scrapbooking purposes, then Photoshop Elements would be perfect for the task. The learning curve is not so steep, and if you can learn to use digital scrapbooking software, you will be able to learn how to use Photoshop Elements as well.

Almost any digital scrapbooking software that’s available on the market right now already has plenty of stuff to use inside it, such as background papers, templates, embellishments, and journaling elements. The good ones will also have a photo editor, and will even let you add music or video (if that’s your thing). It also depends on the software you buy, but most of the good titles out there will allow you to download additional content (such as more embellishments, clip art, images, themes, and backgrounds) at no extra charge.

The convenience of being able to add more usable content to your digital scrapbooking library certainly beats having to go out and shop for more supplies and materials whenever you run out of stock. What’s more, you will be able to save a lot of money, since you will never have to buy adhesives, background papers, cardstock, brads, buttons, and pre-packaged kits again. If you really need to buy something online, you can have the convenience of getting your stuff almost instantly with just a download or two!

Speaking of downloads, I mentioned before that a good digital scrapbooking software should already let the user add more content at no additional costs. There are indeed several titles in the market already that offer this money-saving feature. However, we all know that scrapbookers cannot really be satisfied with the supplies and materials that she has in stock. So even if the software does not have the exact items that a scrapbooker is looking for, all she has to do is go on the Internet and buy that item from other online scrapbooking stores.

With the speed and convenience of digital scrapbooking, I hope that many more scrapbookers will try to familiarize themselves with these new tools. It’s not really that different from the traditional methods, and you can even use more techniques that are not available elsewhere.