If you have ever suffered of any scrapbooking frustration,
then this letter will be
the most important letter you will ever read...

"Finally, seven of the world’s most sought after pro scrapbookers give away their secrets and teach you all the important techniques about scrapbooking
that you need to make those scrapbooking
pages you see in magazines that
are pure emotions ..."

Yes, it’s true! Here you will find all the tips,
tricks the layouts, materials that
experts use in
their own work.
Read on to find out...

Dear Scrapbooker,

I’ll let you in on a little secret...

I’m not really a scrapbooking expert.

Yes, you read that right! I’m not a scrapbooking expert, and I’m not afraid to tell you that!

So now you’re thinking... why on earth is this guy here if he doesn’t know anything about scrapbooking? Is he crazy or what?

Well, you don’t have to worry, I am not crazy. Let me explain what I mean...

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One day, my wife asked me to help her to create good-looking scrapbook pages. She said “You are an Art and Design teacher, so you must know how to do these gorgeous pages,”

Well, part of that was true; I am indeed an art and design teacher, and of course I was more than happy to help my wife... but there was just one teeny-weeny problem, and you might have already guessed it by now.

I didn´t know anything about scrapbooking.

“Now this is going to be a challenge,” I told myself. How can I teach her about something that I really don’t know much about? That doesn’t make sense at all, does it?

So I told my wife, “Okay, I will teach you... but first I’m gonna have to teach myself.”

My first approach to this challenge was like, “I am an art and design teacher. I should be able to figure out this stuff easily!” So I grabbed all the books I could find and did a lot of research on the Internet, and then I started to work on the actual scrapbooking.

Image from the Scrapideas ebook

I quickly discovered one very important thing...

Getting started on scrapbooking was a lot more difficult than I expected.

Yes, even after all that studying, I still couldn’t create those beautiful scrapbook pages that I saw in the books and on those websites. Being an art and design teacher didn’t help me at all in getting the “fantastic” results that I was hoping for!

What was it that made it so difficult for me to get started on scrapbooking?

Well, first of all, I didn’t know what materials to use. And reading those books that I had and browsing the Internet only added to my confusion. I never knew that there were LOADS of materials and glues and papers and so many other things that were used in scrapbooking!

I really didn’t know where to start or even how to get started. Aside from my confusion with the myriad of materials, I quickly realized that I totally lacked the inspiration or ideas to create something beautiful and meaningful out of those scrapbook pages.

My problem could be summed up in three words...

I was stuck!

Even with all those books on my shelf, and all the stuff that I bought from those hobby shops, I still didn't have a clue how to start!

My self-confidence started to dissolve... and then I started thinking (maybe out of desperation), “Surely there must be an easier way to go about this!”

And then it struck me... I got this idea about cutting the whole learning curve and making it a lot easier for me to learn how to do this...

Why not ask the pros for help?

Why not, indeed? Here I am trying to figure out how to do this thing, while there were lots of other people in the world who know a lot more and are way better at this than me.

And I started thinking... imagine if I can get the top scrapbookers in the world to help me out? To help me get started? To tell me what materials to use and how to use them? To show me what layouts and designs are better for certain themes, and then teach me EXACTLY how to create those layouts and designs?

Image from the Scrapideas ebook

In short... imagine if the top scrapbookers in the world taught me how to do scrapbooking the way they do it themselves.

I don’t know about you, but for me, that would be awesome.

I immediately started scouring the Internet for the top talents in scrapbooking. I browsed their credentials, I went through their work, and then I selected seven of the most sought-after scrapbookers in the world to contact and interview. But not only that...

Because I wanted to collect a rich and diverse pool of top-notch information that I could use to create a variety of great looking scrapbook pages, what I did was to go after the top scrapbooking talents from all over the globe, not just from one location.

This was when my 19 years of experience both as an artist and an art/design teacher finally paid off. I was able to pick out and select the expert scrapbookers who not only possessed the technical skills, but also poured out their hearts and souls into every page they created.

And let me tell you... these pro scrapbookers are among the most sought after in the world -- the cream of the crop, if you will. Each of them is a well-respected member of reputable design teams, plus their work has been published numerous times in some of the most popular websites and magazines in the industry: Scrapbooking and Beyond, Life as Art, Scrapbook News and Reviews, just to name a few.

Please forgive me for name-dropping... but I just wanted to emphasize the quality and experience of these pro scrapbookers that contributed to this project, before we go any further...

So now that that’s out of the way... what did I do next?

Well, I spent countless hours talking to these scrapbookers and gathering their most-loved secrets. I collected images, created lists of the exact materials they used for specific themes, and even took the time to create templates out of their award-winning pages. And the result?

I now had a valuable resource of practical scrapbooking information from different parts of the world. This information allowed me to enjoy variation in techniques and designs, as well as a rich source of cultural differences to look at and be inspired from. But not only that...

I now had a collection of different styles to choose from! For example... if I wanted to go shabby chic, or bold and colourful, or maybe even a grunge style for my designs, I can go ahead and do it without getting a headache!

Image from the Scrapideas ebook

For a beginner like me, this was unbelievable!

I was finally able to teach my wife how to do those great-looking pages that she wanted, and I also ended up with a collection of valuable information about scrapbooking. All in all, not a bad ending, eh? But here’s one more thing...

As it turned out... ever since my wife started creating those gorgeous pages, her friends started asking her how she was able to do stuff like that. Which gave me another idea...

I remembered how difficult and time consuming it was to get extremely high-quality information like this... and that was when I thought that it would be great if other people could get this information as well, so that they, too, can improve and enjoy their scrapbooking experiences.

I decided to share this information with the public.

Now, let me ask you a few extremely important questions...

Have you ever dreamed about creating scrapbook pages with emotionally-charged themes and gorgeous designs? You know, the ones that you see professional scrapbookers do... the ones that carry pure emotion and look fantastic at the same time?

Just imagine that professional scrapbookers are giving you personal advice on how to get started with your scrapbooking projects. Imagine that your fears and your questions about getting started are being answered by the experts themselves.

These pros know all about losing inspiration or ideas, as well as the lack of confidence, how to start scrapbooking projects and venture outside your “comfort zone”. And they took care to provide me with their own answers and insights about these problems.

Image from the Scrapideas ebook

Scrapbooking Pros Teach You Their Most Valuable Secrets and Techniques

That's what it comes down to when you get your hands on this Scrap Ideas ebook. You will be able to learn and use a wide variety of tips and tricks to make your very own scrapbook pages stand out... and mind you, these tips and tricks come from some of the world's best scrapbookers themselves!

With the Scrap Ideas ebook, you will get the kind of expert-level information that you’ve been dreaming of -- all the materials and all the techniques, in an organized, step-by-step method.

But not only that...

You will also gain some valuable insights into the hearts and minds of these pro scrapbookers -- why they used a particular theme, why a specific design was made, and why they used certain materials.

Simply put... these expert scrapbookers will take you by the hand and show you why and how they created those mind-blowing pages. And what's more...

You're going to be able to do it yourself!

And it doesn't matter what level of skill or experience you have -- if you're a beginner, intermediate, or veteran scrapbooker, I promise you that you’re going to learn something new and useful from this book!

To make it short and sweet, here is what I’m sharing with you:

You will get everything you need to know, starting from knowing what materials to use, down to understanding the emotions behind each and every theme and design.

Here’s just a quick sampling of what this ebook can offer you:


"Top Pro Scrapbookers Reveal Their Best Ideas, Tips And Tricks Of How To Make Scrap Pages That Stands Out"

scrap ideas cover ebook



The ScrapIdeas e-book that contains 35 personal projects from 7 world-renowned scrapbookers on 235 pages

Each project containing their own secrets and insights about creating gorgeous and emotional scrapbook pages.


scrapticGet the complete list of the tools and materials that professionals use for their own projects.

scraptickFind out how to create beautiful embellishments from scratch! It’s all in here!

scraptickLearn how to pick and select which photos and embellishments are suitable for a  particular theme.

scraptickSometimes less is more. You will learn when to use embellishments and journaling, and when to avoid them.


scraptickMaster some tips and tricks that the pros use when they’re stuck with titles for their layouts.

scraptickDo you love those cool-looking embossed pages? The pros will teach you how they create and use embossed surfaces on their scrap pages.

scraptickKnow exactly what kind of adhesives to use for preserving your photographs better.

scraptickLearn how to select and use the right color scheme for a particular theme.

scraptickIf you cannot think of a good theme, the pros will show you where they get their inspiration!

scraptickFamiliarize yourself with chipboards and how they can be used to accentuate your pages.

scraptickKnow why the pros always have their own “go-to” embellishments.

scraptickDistress your pages like a pro -- even if it’s your first time!

scraptickUsing sketches to get an easier and quicker start on your projects.

scraptickLearn what the pros think about personalized designs and framing.

scraptickKnow how you can use your own handwriting to add impact to a project.

scraptickThere are different kinds of adhesives suitable for different jobs. Learn all about them!

scraptickTired of cutting out designs and shapes by hand? Learn a quick and easy alternative!

scraptickDiscover why it's sometimes better to break the rules of scrapbooking.

scraptickAnd much much more...

Some screenshots from inside the Scrapideas ebook.

This is the opening page of one project, here you find the materials list of all the things used in the layout and you also get the colour palette so you can easily use it when you do yout own scrapbooking layouts.

For each project you get a black and white template of the layout that you can easily model for your own purpose. Here you also find information of how the different parts of the layout is done.


In the ‘Tips and Tricks’ Section are suggestions, practical applications and tips. Learn the secrets, as shared by the pros. This section is at the end of each project.

Invest in your discounted copy of “Scrapideas” right now

This list is just a sampling of the top-notch information you can find inside the ebook, but that’s not all...

You will also learn how to design your pages according to the style you want. Whether you’re in the mood for:

  • Urban and grungy styles
  • Nature-based styles
  • Romantic or story-laden styles
  • Clean, minimalistic styles
  • Heritage or family-oriented styles
  • Sassy and funky styles
  • Graphic, visually-laden styles

Listen... I could go on and on about how valuable this ebook is and how much it can teach you about scrapbooking the way professionals do it... but let’s face it...

All this information is not going to be worth anything to you unless you put aside your doubts... and make the decision whether or not you want to learn from the experts or not...

So ask yourself this important question:

Are you passionate enough about scrapbooking?

To be more specific...

Are you passionate enough that you’re willing to grab every bit of knowledge that can help you improve and boost your scrapbooking to new heights?

If your answer is YES, then you’re all set.

All you have to do right now is get your copy... to get your hands on the valuable knowledge that the scrapbooking pros are offering to teach you.

Invest in your discounted copy of “Scrapideas” right now



What a book !!! I am stunned, it is perfect.

I read the intro pages and read through some of the pages. I think it is very clearly organized and it is easy to understand the structure. The layout is fresh and stylish and at the same time little scrappy.

And I think you have choosen fantastic scrapbookers. They are truly inspiring!

This book is awesome!!!

I felt like starting to scrap straight away when I read about the pro scrapbookers and their thoughts about their fantastic layouts.

I felt like when I was a small kid and watched the Olympic Games and I run out before the games even had finnished and did long jump tournaments and run around the house and measured the time.

Your book really gave me a creative boost!

Emilia Åman, Gothenburg, Sweden


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Guide to Mini Albums? Now You Can Add Them To Your Scrapbooking Repertoire...

mini albums scrapideas This is real information coming from a scrapbooking pro, sharing real knowledge based on experience and emotions.

scraptips-tickLearn the concept behind mini albums and why they can be different from scrapbooking.

scraptips-tickLearn how to create a “book of memories” with page after page of pictures, mementos, and journals! (Because sometimes a single scrapbook page is not enough.)

scraptips-tickKnow the best topics suitable for creating a mini album.

scraptips-tickAn awesome front cover can set the mood for your mini album. Discover how to do it right!

scraptips-tickTips and techniques to harmonize and enhance your chosen theme! (And learn why consistency is so important!)

scraptips-tickPlus even more pro techniques, materials, and insights!


BONUS 2     $19 Value

Beginner’s Guide to Scrapbooking over 100 solid nuggets of scrapbooking advice

guide to scrapbooking The perfect complement to the “ScrapIdeas” ebook!

Designed especially for those who are new to the wonderful world of scrapbooking, this book will serve as a valuable “starter kit” of information for anyone who wants to learn the basics -- and contains also some advanced techniques -- of this craft!

scraptips-tickUnderstand the concept of scrapbooking as it is done today!
Get started immediately with the basic tools and techniques!

scraptips-tickGet up to speed with the more complex scrapbooking techniques!

scraptips-tickFamiliarize yourself with the different elements of scrapbooking, including themes, colors, and how to use photographs and embellishments!

scraptips-tickEmbossed foil, copper, and glass marbles in your scrapbooks? Why not? Learn how to use them to add extra punch and appeal to your pages!

scraptips-tickAnd lots more...


BONUS 3     $9 Value

Bling Guide, Add Some Flair To Your Scrapbooking

pearl bling guide

Hundreds of scrapbookers everyday are discovering the beauty and charm of pearl bling embellishments for their scrapbook projects. There are those who prefer using crystals and rhinestones for this, which can get a bit expensive.

However, if you want the appeal of pearlized bling without burning a hole in your pocket, this practical guide can help you achieve the same looks for your pages as the more expensive ones!

scraptips-tickGet the beauty of bling without the price tag!

scraptips-tickIf you love pearlized flourishes, you will love the easy-to-follow techniques in this book!

scraptips-tickLearn all you need to know in less than an hour -- guaranteed!


BONUS 4     $9 Value

Easy Needleless Stitching in Minutes!

scrapideas needleless

Scrapbook pages created by hand or machine stitching are one of the most popular designs. However, this can also be one of the most time-consuming tasks ever. After all, who really wants to pull out their sewing machine when they’re scrapbooking?

But you don’t have to abandon this favorite technique just because you don’t have the inclination to look for needles, thread, and all that sewing-related stuff. You can easily create your own “stitching imitations” with this handy guide!

scraptips-tickLearn how to create stitching patterns without dragging out your sewing machine.

scraptips-tickQuick and easy guide lets you master the technique in minutes!

scraptips-tickAdd this technique to your repertoire of scrapbooking skills and use it as often as you like!



BONUS 5     $9 Value

DIY Scrapbook Flowers

scrapbooking flowers ebook

You can buy ready-made flower embellishments for your scrapbooks at around $4.00 (or more)... or you can just spend a few minutes creating your own fantastic designs with the help of this handy, easy-to-follow guide!

scraptips-tickLearn how to create your very own flower embellishments!

scraptips-tickLearn how to create countless variations from the basic techniques!

scraptips-tickStep-by-step guide makes creating your own flowers an enjoyable project, not a chore!

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That’s a whole boatload of valuable scrapbooking information right there... and it’s all available right now with just one click of a button. But I know what you’re thinking...

Is This Information Really Worth The Price?

Stop right there. If you’ve read this far, you shouldn’t be asking that question in the first place...

Can you imagine visiting several world-class scrapbooking experts and asking them to share their techniques and their overall knowledge of the craft through one-on-one interviews?

Can you imagine these expert scrapbookers sharing their personal insights -- as well as tips and tricks -- about the very same pages they created?

If you’ve ever had trouble getting started, or been confused about what materials to use, or maybe even at a loss about how to do a certain technique correctly... or if you just want to get the pros twist on how to do scrapbooking then this book is for you.

So actually, the right question you should be asking is,“What will I miss by NOT ORDERING this book?” And if you take just a minute to honestly answer that question, you will realize that you’re going to miss out on a lot of important stuff. But let me be a bit more specific...

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So think about it...

How much would it cost if you personally went and talked to each of these professionals... and try to get them to share their expert knowledge and insights about scrapbooking... and then compile all those information into one handy guide?

Compared to all that, I think you’ll agree that $19.70 is way too low for that kind of information. I should know, because I’ve done it myself. And believe me, I’ve had a lot of friends telling me to sell this book for at least twice the amount I’m asking for it now. But you know what?

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This, my friend, is really the bargain of a lifetime, especially to scrapbookers like you who want to learn more and more about their craft. And get this... you don’t even have to worry if you’re going to get your money’s worth, because...

I’m Giving You a 100%
60 day Satisfaction Guarantee

Here’s how it works: I personally believe that you will be satisfied with the information contained in the Scrap Ideas book... or I am going to pay you back all your money, 100%

.scrap-money backseal scrapbooking

If you are convinced that you cannot learn and improve your scrapbooking skills from the information contained in this book, I will be happy to give you your money back. No questions asked, and absolutely no hassles.

This sounds like a fair deal, right? I really hope so, because I’m trying to be fair and honest with you right here, right now. And what’s more, I’m going to take away any risk at all from your investment, so that you won’t have to worry about anything at all when it comes to your money.

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You’ve been there and done that. That’s the main reason why you’re reading this letter now... because you want to improve your scrapbooking skills in a way that you’ve always dreamed about.

Speaking of reasons... it was William Shakespeare who once said, “Strong reasons make strong actions.

You’ve certainly got the reasons... so all that you’ve got to do is to take action. Seven of the world’s hottest scrapbookers are waiting to teach you their secrets, so the question is...

If you have problems about how to start, or you do not have that last bit of confidence that makes you do those great looking scrappages...

What would your scrapbooking life be if you do not take action? We both know the answer, it will be as it was yesterday, the day before that and the day before that, nothing will change.

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P.P.S. Remember what I promised you? When you receive your copy of this book, take the time to read it and learn from it... then start applying what you’ve learned. I promise you that you will find yourself creating better and better pages as time goes by... if you’re not absolutely convinced that you have learned anything from this ebook, then send me an email and I’ll pay you back your money, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Which means you have nothing to lose but absolutely everything to gain!

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All ebook covers

I understand that by reserving my copy now, I will be getting my own copy of the Scrap Ideas ebook, which could help me build my confidence to get started and improve my skills in scrapbooking.

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Guide to Mini Albums? Now You Can Add Them To Your Scrapbooking Repertoire...

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Bling Guide, Add Some Flair To Your Scrapbooking

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DIY Scrapbook Flowers

I also understand that you have removed the risk by offering me a 100% 8-week satisfaction guarantee -- which means I stand to lose absolutely nothing and everything to gain! Because if I am not satisfied with the Scrapideas Ebook I will get all my money back.

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