Great Ideas for Scrapbooking

Most beginners start out pages by using random and old photos hidden inside their drawers. In an attempt to save up space, people tend to do scrapbooking as an effective means of preserving pictures less the unwanted clutter and stress. You can always start this activity by using family photos and souvenirs. You can also use your personal hobbies as focal point or theme for your scrapbook layout pages. How about doing a scrapbook layout for a close friend? Regardless of reasons and intent, great ideas for scrapbooking can be found almost anytime and anywhere.

Below is a good list of suggestions and tips:


If there is one thing that we feel strongly about, that would be family. Besides, every person identifies himself with his parents and siblings. Relatives and immediate family are always there to support us in times of need and most of our celebrated life moments are basically shared with family and relatives. So, how about creating a scrapbook layout focusing on your Mother or Father? Do you have an older brother who is very close to you? Why don’t you try giving him a scrapbook for a present?

Scrapbooking themes about family range from heritage or history, births, family events, get-togethers, traditions, weekly gimmicks, graduations, birthdays, vacations, and trips. Family pictures can also define your so called ‘firsts’ from your first walk to your first prom date. As a whole, a family scrapbook will help you remember the kind of childhood and life you had spent with them. And having something to remind you of these memories are indeed worth-keeping.

Mothers and Fathers

Basically, this layout idea may easily fall to the family theme category. However, a mere focus on either of your mother or father presents a wonderful opportunity for you to highlight their personal lives and achievements. A family is like a big tree, whose roots remain strong and sturdy despite strong winds and rains and naturally, a mother and a father is like that to their children.  On your part as a full-grown human being, it is only proper to pay tribute to your parents’ lifelong sacrifices or work and there is no better way of doing it than having a compilation of their pictures and souvenirs.

Why not create a page layout focusing on Mother’s Day? You can give your Mom a hard copy of your love along with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. Present your Dad some handmade gift in the form of a scrapbook layout with his medals or certificates in it. As you can see, themes and layout ideas are based from the most simple to the most complicated themes but when it comes to your parents, a layout that is created by the heart proves honest and loving in itself.

Kids/ Children

In the tradition of focusing on family matters, this suggestion seems to be the most popular and common among scrapbookers. Mainly because parents are bursting with pride when it comes to their children and there will always be a box full of baby pictures that is kept somewhere.

Famous kids’ layouts include births, birthdays, school activities, plays, field trips, first parties or first group of friends. A layout can also be about your kid’s awards, a son’s recital or a daughter’s ballet class at work.