So You Want to Start a Scrapbooking Business?

Joining the ranks of those who have started their own scrapbooking business will mean hard work, long hours, and sacrificing time and money — most especially during the first few months. However, if you are indeed passionate about scrapbooking and are dedicated to earning money through your craft, then all of the difficult stuff won’t even matter. There are a lot of lucrative opportunities in scrapbooking — although there are no guarantees that you’ll be come rich — and of course, passionate scrappers will also get the personal satisfaction of indulging in their craft while earning some money on the side.

If you’re serious about starting a scrapbooking business, you should first ask yourself a few important questions to see where you really stand on this. Am I happy with my job? Am I getting the fulfillment that I want from it? Would I still be doing this if I wasn’t getting paid? If you’re honestly answering “No” to any of these questions, then it’s a good signal that you’re ready to take the next step and become a scrapbooking entrepreneur.

Some people may think that the only way to get started is to either start your own scrapbooking store or perhaps find an already-established business that’s for sale and buy it. While opening a store is indeed a great way to get a head start, this is not the only way to earn some money in scrapbooking. There are several other ways to make a living from scrapbooking, and I’m going to share some of them with you:

1. Become a sales consultant. Aside from opening a retail store, this is how most scrapbookers get started in the industry. When you think about it, being a direct sales consultant is a lot cheaper than opening or buying a store! Most successful store owners or designers also got their start through direct sales, so you’ll be in very good company.

I know a lot of people who first joined up just because they wanted to get a discount on the products, but later on got serious about it after they realized the moneymaking potential of these “home party” businesses. It is not uncommon to see people earning six-figure incomes on average just by being a direct sales consultant.

2. Become a scrapbooking instructor. If you’re a veteran scrapbooker, have a natural flair for teaching, and you like interacting with people, this could become a great way to earn some money on the side. Share your skills, experience, and insights about scrapbooking with people who share your passion. You may look for openings in your community college or perhaps make arrangements with the owner of a crafts shop in your area (if you don’t have your own store already).

Be aware, however, that this is commonly seen as a sideline, and may not be able to provide an income to cover all of your expenses.

3. Become a product designer. A lot of scrapbooking products that you now see on the shelves were created and designed by scrapbookers like you. These were people who got frustrated by the lack of quality and variety in the scrapbooking products that were available at the time, so they decided to do something about it. There are product designers who had some money to start their own company, while others had to enlist the assistance and support of a larger company or manufacturer.

You can either license your ideas to them so they take care of all the manufacturing, or you can look for a company that can provide financial assistance to you and your designing business. There are lots of success stories in the scrapbooking industry about designers who started small and ended up owning large companies with a wide selection of products, so if you have the creativity, time, and financial support, being a product designer is certainly one of the better ways to achieve financial success.

4. Become a scrapbooking guru. There are hundreds of beginners who start out in scrapbooking almost every day. These beginners need someone to teach them the skills and techniques needed to improve their craft, and if you’ve got the experience and knowledge, then this could be your golden ticket. This is different from becoming an instructor, in the sense that your audience is not limited to your area alone, but to thousands or even millions of scrapbooking enthusiasts.

The best way to get started is to have your own website (provided that you already have the skills required of a guru). Getting online is the fastest way to reach your target market. If you are able to develop a huge following of loyal readers, major opportunities will soon pop up. It is common for well-known scrapbooking experts to get published in the top magazines and books, and it also becomes easier to develop connections with other bigwigs in the industry, such as designers, manufacturers, and national retailers.

5. Become a scrapbook artist. This is actually one of the fastest-growing moneymaking opportunities in the industry today, and it has the potential to earn you huge incomes. Your target market will be the people who love scrapbooks, but do not have the time, creativity, or skills to create it themselves. So they turn to scrapbook artists like you to help them out. Think of it as outsourcing your scrapbooking skills to others for a handsome fee.

Getting started as a scrapbook artist is very easy, too. You work from home and choose the hours you work. You also don’t need a lot of materials to get started, aside from some basic tools such as scissors and cutters. Your clients will be paying for the supplies and materials you’ll be using, of course, aside from your professional fees, so you can get started with almost nothing!

This particular niche actually caught on in the early part of this decade, and has earned hundreds or even thousands of dollars (for every finished album) for the hardworking pros. Finding your target market will be the most difficult task for you, because you need to sell your services to people who really appreciate and recognize the value of your work.