Popular Types of Scrapbook Lettering

An artwork is something that is wonderful to the eyes. Hence, it is crucial that you play with colors, patterns, and letters to make it more inviting and pleasant. If photography relies on lighting and ambience, scrapbooking relies on embellishments, great pictures, lettering, and journals. Scrapbook Lettering covers handwriting, bubble lettering, and embellishing letters for probable headings, titles and journals. It is also important that a scrapbooker knows how to follow lettering rules and guidelines. What’s important is the allocation of space and tracing out letters beforehand. In this manner, you will be certain of the final look of your given page and won’t damage the entire layout.


Hand-lettering is about infinite and creative ideas. Scrapbookers benefit from this because it allows them to practice their handwriting while incorporating other worthy ideas. For instance, aside from just writing in bold letters or restricting oneself with the use of capitals, you can go beyond the rules and not rely completely in the use of stencils or die-cut letters as additional components in creating your layout. In other words, with the use of hand-lettering and your penmanship, ideas for journaling are more personalized.

Creative Lettering

Creative lettering focuses on the use of other components such as swirls, flourishes, curls, gel pens, highlighting letters and the like. It presents an easier alternative to hand-lettering without really losing your creative side. The idea is to create elegant-looking letters for a more sophisticated and unique layout. It is also best to do creative lettering especially if your handwriting is not exactly Picasso-grade material.

A journal or scrapbook layout does not begin and end with pictures. It is also about the idea and emotions that makes it more personal. And as you write your hearts out, it is sometimes beneficial to make everything not just readable but beautiful in one’s eyes. Samples of creative lettering are the use of markers or highlighters as well as gel pens for that definitive touch. Block letters are normally achievable by using highlighters while outlining letters becomes more possible by means of fine-point pens in various colors like white or black. Stencils and stamp pads are usable when it comes to giving pages texture and contrast. Adding swirls to letters, on the contrary, is not impossible to achieve, once you dedicate yourself to lots of practice time.

Bubble Lettering

These two ideas are actually part of creative lettering that is meant to satisfy the whims and fancies of a scrapbooking fan. Yes, you can definitely buy stencils, rub-on lettering or templates, but a passionate scrapbooker always decides to take some time and learn this for herself.

Bubble lettering is easy on the eyes but requires hard work to perfect. On the other hand, once you successfully mastered the technique, creating thought bubbles and clouds will be a breeze. It is also perfect in making those kids’ layouts and summer pages. Bubble lettering is also advisable to use in scrapbook layouts with a circus or baby theme.