Three Awesome Scrapbook Page Ideas You Can Try

Are you looking for more scrapbook page ideas to try out? Aside from the patterned backgrounds, floral embellishments, buttons, stamps, and photos that adorn our scrapbook pages, we sometimes get the urge to add more zip to our layouts and more bling to our designs.

Scrapbookers are always on the lookout for more scrapbook page ideas to use, and the industry is constantly developing new materials and techniques to do both. Our scrapbooks are the repository of many cherished memories, but they are also canvases in which we can display our creative and artistic side. In fact, we love scrapbooking because the hobby allows us to enjoy both.

So how do we pimp up our scrapbook? There are lots of ways to add some artistic flair to our plain Jane pages, and I am here to share with you some of the better techniques that you can try to spice up your themes and attract more “oohs” and “aahs” the next time you show off your masterpieces to the world.


This technique will definitely need some skill to use effectively. It’s certainly much more than just running to the nearest shop and purchasing a set of calligraphy pens and inks. You will have to learn and practice the skills before you go out and buy the tools. Taking the time to learn calligraphy will pay off dividends later on down the road. It is a beautiful skill to acquire, and I’m willing to bet that not all of your friends know how to do it. Therefore, knowing how to do calligraphy will already give you a special weapon in your scrapbooking that you can use again and again. Use it in your journaling. It looks great for inscriptions, captions, poems, song lyrics, and more. Try to use different pens and nibs, and also different ink colors.

Wax Seals

Wax seals are not available in every hobby and craft shop, so you may have to do some searching and shopping around. But once you do have them, they can be an integral and beautiful tool to use in your scrapbook designs. They come in stock shapes and symbols, or if you’re willing to part with some cash, they can be customized according to your specified design. There is just something amazing and wonderful in dripping a small glob of melted wax and imprinting your design on it with the seal. If you have one, try using metallic waxes with it; you will love the effect. Wax seals also work great together with calligraphy for a timeless look.

Recycled Cards

I am pretty sure that you have plenty of cards lying around, and there will be more to come in the future, as well. Although these cards may look pretty, the fact is that you don’t really have any use for them anymore. Why not make them into something useful by turning them into decorative elements for your scrapbooks? Just cut out the ornamental portions of the cards; these are the ones you’ll be using to decorate your pages. Some Christmas cards, for example, have these silver or gold metallic embellishments on them, which you can cut out and use as small frames for the right-sized photos, journaling elements, or just about anything you’d like.

The best way to pimp up your pages and add some flair to your scrapbooking is to think outside the box. Look for ideas and techniques that you haven’t seen anybody do, or take inspiration from the work of other people and make it your own.