Easy Tips on Planning Scrapbook Page Layouts

A keen learner does not consider education a hobby. In fact, it is a privilege. This is how an enthusiast thinks and the same principle also applies to avid scrapbookers. On the other hand, it does not mean that beginners do not have their fair share of ground or equal footing. Besides, a keen learner or enthusiast for that matter needs to start somewhere and just like the others, you have to learn the basics and important techniques first. Scrapbook Page Layouts are not just photo albums or simple works donning your random pictures and text. It is considered a memento, a keepsake. Inside it are not usual photos but unforgettable pictures and memories. And what you intend to do with each page is a labor of passion, love, and commitment.

So, how are you going to plan your first scrapbooking project? Read on the following tips:

Come up with a theme

You may get inspiration from personal happenings or recent social events. Designating a focal point may also mean choosing the right photo for your page. In imagining the overall look of your layout, you need to determine the idea behind it, what pictures to use, and what inspirations to follow.

Sort out your embellishments

Again, there are so many embellishments to choose from when it comes to creating your first layout. From glitters, popcorn garlands, fur, rhinestones, sequins, laces, ribbons, feathers, dried flowers to the more exciting embroidery cotton and hemp; it only means how varied your choices are as far as embellishments are concerned. In a way, what you only need to do is choose what’s ideal and perfect for your theme.

Always have a balance

We are not talking about equilibriums or yin and yang here. What we are after is the presence of elements namely photos and embellishments and how to keep everything in balance as you lay them out on your page. For beginners, you can always apply the so called ‘rule of thirds’ where you think of your layout as a grid. However, not everyone is knowledgeable enough to follow this, so the best rule of thumb will be moderation and simplicity. Plus, just remember that your focal point or theme needs to be followed and your embellishments should not overwhelm everything.

Make use of relative titles and journaling

Journaling is basically telling a story or a life experience. Being too personal may not be a good idea for others, but writing onto layouts and pages always creates a massive difference. For one thing, writing directly on the page, is the best way to personalize your work. Second, using your own handwriting makes it more worthwhile and sincere. Third, creativity and imagination is always counted once you do impressive lettering. Plus, you are not bound by any rules thus making it more effortless and free flowing.

Journaling does not have to be perfect by all means. You can choose to write your personal thoughts, come up with short messages or use names and phrases as titles. Get your inspiration from movies and books as well. Start with your favorite lines and excerpts or you can just simply pick the funniest or most sappy song lyrics. As always, being personal and honest makes your layout memorable and beautiful in itself.