Different Types of Scrapbook Storage

Organizing papers, photos and embellishments is not easy given its diverse texture, size and colors. Some items are either too big or too small that sometimes, finding them once you need them seems to be a hassle. Remember that scrapbooking is about preservation of life experiences, funny moments and spontaneous thoughts and there is no better way to complement this activity than to organize materials and give way for scrapbook storage solutions.

We may have had compiled pictures with the use of folders, shoe boxes, and conventional photo albums. But did you know that there is a better way to preserve and give justice to these pictures? Are you tired of sharing spaces and drawers with your sister, aunt or niece while trying to save hand-me-down laces, buttons and ribbons? Worry no more as the following ideas will save you lots of time and costs.

Drawers and Paper Storage Holders

Scrapbook materials like patterned paper and stationeries can be stored in separate and categorized drawers and storage holders. Accordion files are also a great storage option specifically if you want to sort your paper materials into their respective colors, sets or themes. Vertical paper storage holders, on the other hand, provide great ideas when it comes to maximizing space. You can also use transparent or clear folders in storing patterned papers.

Racks and Rails

Rails, for one, can be suspended to walls for clear maximization of space. Tools such as punchers can be placed in these rails for easy access. Paints and other small supplies can be placed in spinning spice racks as well.  Embellishments like buttons, once placed in small tubes or containers, can be conveniently placed in these racks for additional storage space.

Glass Canisters

Ribbons are not only perfect as accessories but also ideal as decorative accents. Using glass canisters is another resourceful way of tidying up your work space. More so, your favorite rolls of ribbons and laces can be hung in small rods in accordance to color and pattern. All you have to do is mount a small rod onto your wall and put ribbon rolls in place.


Supplies such as envelope stamps, ticket stubs, tags, and other souvenirs can be neatly organized using accordion files and three-ring binders. You can choose to have colorful binders, thus making it easier for you to categorize supplies and other scrapbook items.

Wooden Shelves

These easy-to-mount wood shelves are inexpensive alternatives when thinking of storage and additional space. Rubber stamps as well as supplies canisters or jars can be placed in these shelves therefore creating a lovely haven to these distinct items.

Floss Containers

Organize ribbons with the help of floss containers. Organize yards of ribbons based on color or pattern, wrap these in paper spools, and you are all set to making your beautiful scrapbook page.

Mobile Storage Units

These modular storage systems are widely available in the net. Keeping your tools and supplies in these sets is not only ideal in terms of categorizing or separating photos from embellishments. Moreover, these moving storage units are also perfect once you start working on your scrapbooking project, all because you don’t have to move around just to find a button, stamp or pen. It is like having your small work area when and where it is necessary.

Clear Spice Jars

Are you trying to save some cash while following organization and storage tips? Then perhaps, clean spice jars are what you practically need. Just place buttons, sequins and glitters in these reusable containers and you have saved valuable money.

Photo Boxes

Secure old photos by means of photo boxes. Create respective tabs and attach these to photo boxes for easier identification as well. By indicating time, occasion or event, you are assured that old photos won’t be left unattended. You can group childhood photos along with prom pictures and young snapshots of yourself. Or you can regroup family pictures and come up with your own baby book or flower-inspired page.


Spruce up empty wall spaces with the use of pegboards as additional storage. Add in some personalized touch by incorporating some suitable molding and paint. Customize these pegboards and hang them up to eventually place important supplies such as scissors, self-healing mats and punchers.