Three Great Examples of Scrapbook Templates

If you’re looking for more scrapbook templates to use for your next project, you will find several ideas here that you can try out. Why not try an environmental theme, or something to do with sports? Or perhaps you might want to create a page about computers, gadgets, or anything related to technology? We will be talking a lot more about each of these templates in this article.

1. Nature and the Environment

You don’t really have to be a “tree hugger” to appreciate the beauty of nature. These scrapbook templates are all about integrating symbols, patterns, shapes, or any other items about plants and/or animals around an environmental theme. However, there is more to Mother Nature than just plants and animals, so you can also use environmental-themed templates about rocks, landscapes, mountains, natural wonders, etc.

If you’ve been wanting to use that pebble or shiny seashell you’ve picked up on the beach during a memorable vacation, then now’s your chance. These templates will also work great for capturing memories of nature trips, like hiking, mountain climbing, or deep-sea diving, for example.

2. Sports

Scrapbooking templates about sports are actually a popular theme, and you can’t go wrong with creating a page or even a whole album about sports. If a man was to start scrapbooking, chances are he’d start out with a sports-themed template. There are just so many choices to get inspiration from when it comes to sports., and these will be sure to generate lots of excitement from your friends when they discover that you’re creating a scrapbook for a team or a player that they also support.

For starters, how about creating a scrapbook for your favorite athlete? These are created by avid fans to show support or give tribute to their favorite sports personality. These “persona-type” scrapbooks are often designed by those who support and follow a single player, no matter which team he or she happens to play for. Followers of individual sports like golf or tennis can also use templates like these. For additional embellishments, you can use pictures of the player, game tickets, banners, a piece of fabric cut out from a uniform, and anything else you would like.

There are also a lot of fans who create pages for a whole team, not just for one player. The common purpose is to show unity and support for the entire team as a whole. The main subject of a scrapbook like this can be the team logo, banner, or maybe a big photograph of the whole team itself.  You can then scatter individual pictures of each player around the main picture, or even create a single, separate page for each player. It may mean lots of work, but hey, you’re enjoying your hobby as a fan, so the hours will just melt away like you wouldn’t notice!

3. Technology

Have you ever thought about creating a scrapbook about technology-related stuff? Some scrapbookers think it is weird, but come to think of it – you can scrapbook about anything you want, right? And remember, you don’t even have to be a total geek to create a beautiful page about technology (although it would help!)

Here are a few ideas you can try: create an album to commemorate the launch of an important device, computer, or software. Or you can also create a page to illustrate the important scientific discoveries of the last century. I even saw a few albums where the scrapbookers managed to present the entire line of an electronic device from the early prototype to the latest model.

You can use scrapbooking templates for anything that is connected to technology, and not just computers. Some common examples are images of cars, phones, microchips, telescopes, watches, pulleys, etc. As with everything else in scrapbooking, only your creativity will limit what you can do.