Most Recommended Scrapbook Tools

Scrapbooking may start as a normal hobby for some people. True enough, while you have plenty of time to spare and a couple of bucks to share, perhaps it is better to devote oneself into revisiting old faces and places by means of layouts, templates and scrapbook pages. Normally, as a beginner, you will need a couple of basic items like a scrapbook album, scissors and a few types of embellishments. However, as time goes by and as you literally find yourself enjoying each minute of scrapbooking, then investing in common and easy-to-find scrapbook tools proves handy and convenient.

Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking isn’t complete without a scrapbooking album. Besides, this is where you will put your pictures, embellishments and other mementos. You can choose from a vast range of albums based on size, shape and color. On the other hand, the best advice would be to choose a scrapbooking album that speaks of your chosen theme and color. Taking some time to choose the ideal album is also advised, as it is reflective of your personality as a hobbyist. Furthermore, your scrapbooking album will represent your ideas in terms of subject and choice of photos.

Scrapbook Paper

It is always advisable to go for acid-free scrapbooking papers. This is because pictures are also prone to normal wear and tear. Using acid-free papers limits the possibility of discoloration among chosen pictures thus makes it helpful in preserving them. There is a multitude of papers to choose from if you want to do scrapbooking. You can choose from a wide selection of scrapbooking supplies namely card stock piles, patterned papers, handmade materials and colorful stationeries.

Pens, Pencils, and Markers

Since scrapbooking is all about the use of theme, patterns and colors, it is necessary to make use of sharpies, markers, pencils and pens. A good pen is crucial if you want to incorporate journaling and text. It is also important to buy pens which are acid-free. For beginners, you can always try using the basic colored pens first and move on to other shades if necessary.


A nice pair of scissors is definitely a must-have if you want to do some scrapbooking project. Besides, tearing your old photos and pictures is not ideal if you want to create that lovely page layout. It is also significant that you invest in a good, sharpened pair of scissors to be used only for scrapbooking projects and tasks. In this way, you will lessen the possibility of losing it or having your pair easily dulled.

Paper Trimmer

This scrapbooking item is necessary if you are about to cut straight patterns and square-shaped paper paraphernalia. Craft shops offer hobbyists different sizes of paper trimmer depending on purpose and want. However, starting with a 12-inch paper trimmer or a smaller one is a good standard.


This tool is helpful in placing small pieces of embellishments while doing your scrapbook page or layout. Getting your hands messy is sometimes unavoidable while pasting those pictures, ribbons and the like. Therefore using a handy pair of tweezers will avoid your scrapbook pages from being smudged up.


Scrapbooking is like presenting another medium of art. Instead of the trusty drawing board or canvass, what you work on is a blank page or layout. Pictures, buttons and laces are not that easy to attach, especially if you don’t know how to choose your adhesives right. The types that work best in scrapbooking are acid-free glues and adhesives. Ideal will be tape runners, double-sided tapes, and photo tab dispensers.

Eyelet Setter Kits

Eyelets make up the list of known embellishments and accessories along with stickers, buttons, stamps, and charms. While these items are very useful in making that ideal scrapbook page layout, setting or placing them in your page can be at times difficult. Using an eyelet setter kit will not only make this task easier as it will also save you valuable time.

Self-healing Mat

A scrapbooker, like any other hobbyist, needs to have her own space to work things out. Yes, cropping photos and cutting pictures is no easy task. But with the help of a self-healing mat, you will be sure that your pictures and papers will be cut in accordance to its perfect shape and size.