Top Five Scrapbook Trends you Should Try Out

Running out of ideas for your next scrapbook design? I want to share several scrapbook trends that you can try out. These ideas will be sure to add some pop to your pages, so go ahead and check them out!

Bubble Wrap – This is one of the coolest scrapbook trends that I’ve seen in several awesome designs, and it’s fun to do too! Bubble wrap is a material that most people dismiss as only good for packaging fragile items (aside from several minutes of mindless bubble popping fun, that is). But did you know that you can also use bubble wrap for scrapbooking? Yes, bubble wrap actually works great as a stamping tool, and all you need are a couple of ink pads, scrapbooking paper of your choice, and of course, a piece of bubble wrap.

Put some ink into your bubble wrap and press it firmly into your paper. I suggest using cardstock, but other types of paper might work as well; just experiment a little bit to see what works. Press the bubble wrap (with ink) on to the paper and twist it slightly. If you do it right, you will be left with small circle shapes in varying shades. Make sure to blot the bubble wrap before actually stamping it on the paper, to avoid messy blobs of ink all over your page. Aside from twisting the wrap, why not try rolling it over the page or just stamping it on the paper without twisting?

Tear Bears – I personally think that this is one of the cutest trends in scrapbooking, so I have no hesitation at all in including it in this article. If you haven’t used or heard about “tear bears” yet, then you should check it out. All you need are some mulberry paper, a “bear” template or pattern, q-tips or a water pen, and water.

Trace the bear pattern on to thick, stiff paper or even plastic, then cut out the body parts of the bear separately. Trace the cutout parts (head, arms, legs, ears) onto the mulberry paper, then use a q-tip to wet the outline (you can also use a water pen). Tear along the edges of your wet outline, dry them out completely, and then assemble your bear on your page any way you prefer. You can now start embellishing and decorating your bear. Popular materials to use are chalk, inks, die cuts, and even some paints.

3-D Effects – It’s the age of 3D in movies, so why not go with the flow and use it in your scrapbooking as well? There are several products to help you create your own 3D effects – liquid glass, foam squares, and puff paint, just to name a few.

Liquid glass can be used to decorate the outline or edges of a stamped image so it appears like the image is bursting out off the page. You can also try using it with other flat embellishments to see what you can come up with. Liquid glass can also be used as an adhesive for small embellishments or glitter.

Foam squares are small adhesives that you can attach at the back of your photos or embellishments to affix them to the page. The foam squares will then give your item an appearance like it is floating on top of the flat paper.

Puff paint, also called liquid applique, can be used to color an image or trace the outlines of any flat element on the page. Puff paint can also be used on fabrics, so go ahead and try it out on all sorts of items. This is a cool and fun product to have in your scrapbooking workshop.