Scrapbooking By Myself

We all love to be surrounded by people and friends, but when it comes to scrapbooking it is another matter. This is because some scrapbookers like to make scrapbooks together with other people, while others prefer to do scrapbooking alone. These others think that they are more relaxed and productive if they are with their own company. Personally, I spend many hours in my hobby room and love the fact that I have my undivided attention only to what I am doing.

Sure, I go to a scrapbook retreat once in a while together with my friends. But, if I am to be honest with myself about the amount of time I actually do scrapbooking. I admit that on such occasions, most of these times are spent on socializing. I eat, catch up with friends, and spent the night away (or day) laughing and chatting. I barely have the time to complete a page. More often than not, I also forget something at home which in turn limits my creativity.

Well, scrapbookers generally work alone since there are many benefits that come with it. Here are some suggestions on how to make the most of that time and how to prevent yourself from getting lonely.

  • Watch TV while you work. This way, you won’t miss your favorite show. The TV may just be on the background but it creates a sense of doing multitasking.
  • Turning on the radio or CD player is an alternative to watching TV. The music from the radio will be your background noise. Scrapbooking while singing along is quite relaxing. It also makes the time pass by very quickly.
  • When you are doing your scrapbook, nibble on some delicious snacks. Chocolates and chips are yummy options unless you prefer to eat healthier alternatives. Whatever your food choices are, do no get them near your stuff. You don’t want to cause some spillages which can ruin your project. Moreover, it adds more time in cleaning up the mess.
  • When there’s food, there should be drinks. Keeping a mini fridge in your craft room will provide you a supply of drinks all the time. You don’t even have to leave that room for hours if you have a stack of water and soft drinks.
  • Keep your cellphone or telephone with you. It can be irritating of you have to stop working just to find a ringing phone. With a phone nearby, you can call a friend if you feel like talking to someone without the need to leave that room.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Get a soft pillow or a blanket if you like. Leave your hair unbrushed since no one will be there to see you. You can also opt to work in your pajamas. But it does not mean that you will be dirty and messy. Use a bin to throw your trash easily and organize your working space to make everything easy to reach.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t help to be messy. Scrapbooking tends to get disorderly and messy. Anyway, you can always clean up later.