Avoiding the Deadly Sins in Scrapbooking

Are you familiar with the Seven Deadly Sins? I only ask because I was reading some scrapbooking magazines yesterday and came across an article detailing several of the most common habits of scrapbookers. Most of these habits were somewhat on the “destructive” side, though, so I got an idea to write a similar article that discusses several negative traits, but pertaining to scrapbooking. So read on and check out if you can relate to any one of the following “deadly sins”.

Pride – For me, it is the most repeated sin. It is looking at your work and how you feel once you have finished it. Do you always feel that inner sparkle whenever you have completed a theme that you are very happy with? Taking pride in your work is not a terrible thing, but when you overly compliment yourself and do not ever give favorable remarks on the work of others. Perhaps you should watch your step!

Envy – Do you ever envy the accomplishment of other people? Have you been jealous of your friends’ works of art; probably wish you have considered that amazing concept first? Do you have a passion to produce work just like your favorite artist? Do you prefer to “scrap-lift” other people’s designs and live by their ideas? You might be guilty of jealousy.

Gluttony – The same thing as greed, gluttony is about over-extravagance and over-consumption and actually both sins go together. Exactly how uncontrollable are you about getting the newest and very best items that are available on the market? Buying excessively whenever you shop is basically gluttony.

Lust – Lust is a sin that is connected to both greed and gluttony. However, lust stresses on intense thoughts. Do you lust after fabulous things? Do you do window shopping in all the scrapbooking stores but never purchase anything at all? Do you help other people by giving them the specifics of your latest finds? Do you simply adore touching the brand new paper or relishing the smell of a new product fresh from the box? You might be committing a sin, after all.

Sloth – I am in fact very organized inside my hobby room although I have moments of laziness soon after it develops into despair that drives me into thoroughly cleaning my hobby area over again. I’m really lousy at arranging items back when I have used them over a theme. Do you concern yourself with the chaos you leave behind your own hobby room door? Do you put this down to just being artistic? Or maybe you simply do not care? Sloth is in essence laziness but can be overpowered by making sure that you pick up right after yourself at all times.

Anger – This one is a horrible sin. It centers on anger and fury, a thing that is seldom seen within the compassionate scrapbooking industry. I know, however, many people are guilty of this particular sin in not so big ways. Did you put an item down on a design only for it to end up being awful then got angry with yourself as you attempted to fix it followed by ruining the entire layout? You might have shouted at your children merely because they found that inkpad in the hobby room and attempted to replicate your creativeness. This can be perceived as anger.

Greed – Have you, throughout the years, gathered a huge amount of scrapbooking items that you actually consider as your treasure? Just how many of these items in your treasure that you did not touch for the reason that you have not found the correct theme to apply them on at this point? Do you collect things too much and also buy stuff whenever they are on discount sales despite the fact that have no need for them. In case you have answered yes to each of these questions then you could possibly be guilty of greed. You might want to control your spending and then begin to make use of some of your collection

So there you have it, the deadly sins of scrapbooking. The next occasion that you are in your hobby room to make some wonders on a new page, check out these sins and determine if you can identify yourself in any of them.