Scrapbooking FAQ: Things You Want to Know and Ask

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a form of paper art with the use of photographs and souvenirs. It is the process of creating a colorful and creative layout page with the use of paper, adhesive and other non-paper embellishments. The most basic scrapbook design requires simple things namely scrapbook paper, album, glue and ribbons, buttons or yarn as accessories.

What are the materials used in scrapbooking?

Basic materials would include a scrapbook album, scrapbooking paper, adhesives, as well as pens/sharpies. It is also recommended to choose acid-free papers, glues, and tape. It is also advisable to invest on a couple of scrapbooking tools namely scissors, tweezers, paper trimmer, self-healing mat, and eyelet kit setter.

Scrapbooking layouts normally require sheets of colored or textured paper. Additional supplies are usually acquired as you familiarize yourself with basic and above-average scrapbooking techniques. This list includes embellishments namely metal brads, buttons, ribbons, rubber stamps, and glossy stickers. More so, it is important to not forget your photos or pictures as these comprise the most important element.

What are the types of scrapbooking paper?

Scrapbooking papers range from colored paper, textured to patterned paper. Colored paper like stationeries provide colorful backgrounds and borders in line with embellishments. Be reminded that since scrapbooking is all about making a creative page, the use of colors and relative shades add quality and character to a chosen layout or theme.

Patterned paper, meanwhile, provides good background for a scrapbook page. It is perfect if you want to create more exciting pages. It increases the quality of your work. Textured paper, on the other hand, adds dimension to your scrapbook page layout. It is used to highlight photos or mementos on every page. As for inexpensive paper options in scrapbooking, you can also use wrapping papers as alternative. Just make sure to choose the right type of adhesive for it.

How do you store scrapbooking supplies and materials?

Materials and items such as papers, photos and embellishments can be stored in a number of ways. You can use photo boxes to store pictures and other souvenirs. You can use accordion files for scrapbooking papers and binders for stamps or stickers. Spice racks and Lazy Susan also provide great storage space for items such as scissors, pens, markers, even rhinestone pieces.

Craft shops and hardware stores are also perfect places to shop for storage solutions and techniques. Aside from floss containers, drawers and paper holders, you can just buy modular units or trunk organizers. Even glass canisters or old spice jars are ideal in storing embellishments.

Are scrapbooking supplies easy to get?

Scrapbooking, just like other forms of paper art, has a great deal of following. Therefore, finding the appropriate supplies and materials won’t pose any problem. You can buy these materials in most craft shops and stores for hobbyists. Many stores are also offering these supplies in the net.

What are the Basic Scrapbook Techniques?

Probably, you have heard of ideas such as photo cropping, sanding or tearing. Well, these processes comprise second-level techniques. As a beginner, it is always a good idea to learn the basics. It is also advisable to do some research. As for basic scrapbook techniques, here are easy-to-do concepts:

Handmade or Do-It-Yourself Embellishments

These are applicable if you opt to have a unique and impressive page. You can choose from an array of embellishments namely ribbons, stickers, feathers, rhinestones, buttons, puzzle pieces among many others. What you do is choose one or a couple of embellishments and properly attach it to your scrapbook layout or page. The prime rule is to work with the simplest accessories first. If do-it-yourself embellishments are your cup of tea, then you might want to save those leftover beads and laces. Who knows, you might find suitable use for them while working on your scrapbook page.

Personalized Toppers and Page Titles

An interesting and creative scrapbook page layout is one that speaks to its viewing audiences. Surely, your choice of pictures defines the overall look and theme but what makes your layout more beautiful is the manner of using relative text and journals.

A personalized topper refers to handwriting page titles that complement the theme of your scrapbook layout. Your own penmanship and signature are the ones providing the visuals. The use of colored pens, markers, chalks and pencils is also advised. It is also a perfect way to practice your freehand.