Most Commonly Used Scrapbooking Fonts

If you think that scrapbooking is nothing but a simple activity, better think again. Recent ideas about using scrapbooking fonts are a proof of the hobby’s continual success. In fact, so many people grow fond of scrapbooking, maybe because they can revisit memory lane while using their own brand of creativity.

Over the years, concepts and ideas about scrapbooking becomes more current. Aside from using the usual types of embellishments, many enthusiasts start experimenting on mediums to further improve journaling ideas and templates. Certain people, who are into this art, also recognize the importance of using recycled materials as part of their advocacy pertaining to the environment. No doubt, scrapbooking is slowly progressing and becoming more interesting.

The use of letters and fonts present a wonderful opportunity.  The use of these elements does not only improve one’s page but gives way to other forms of embellishments. Because of scrapbooking letters and scripts, serious and keen scrapbookers now have stickers, rubber stamps and stencils to work with. There are even CD’s and software, which are made available, to aid scrapbookers in meeting their text and journaling needs.

Digital scrapbooking is another likely development. Nowadays, people are no longer confined to making titles and pasting pictures through scrapbook albums and other limited means. As of now, the use of scripts gives new life to journaling and titles.  The use of fonts also helps people in creating customized and personalized pages.

Here is a rundown of typical scripts used in Scrapbooking:

French Script is a type of font known for its formality. This font is normally used for invitations and cards as well as scrapbook layouts that require a more elegant and sophisticated text.

Curlz are normally used in kids’ scrapbook page layouts. It is a type of font characterized by its curls accentuated in all the letters.

Brush Script is clean and more appealing if you are about to create an elegant-looking page. With its brush-like strokes and formal-typed letters, a scrapbook page layout is like a canvass in progress.

Papyrus creates the illusion of letters formed by a quill pen. Just like the Brush Script and French Script, this font type is ideal for scrapbook page layouts that feature formal events such as a wedding.

Chalkboard is another type of scrapbooking letter that can be used in a less formal scrapbook page. It is like having school letters written on chalkboards, which is definitely an option when it comes to creating scrapbook page layouts for kids.

Swing is another basic script and is comparable with that of cursive handwriting.

Lucida is a type that is more diverse. With its variation in terms of used scripts, a scrapbooker can definitely choose among a number of Lucida scripts, all the way from handwriting, calligraphy to Sans and Blackletter.

Be reminded that these script samples are just part of a basic list. These fonts are also part of word processing programs commonly installed in your laptop or PC. Naturally, as others eventually venture into digital scrapbooking, they can now have the option to either use these available scripts or buy relative software. Other CD packages provide users with easy-to-use ideas meant only for Scrapbookers. Inside these CD’s are colorful samples of various types of fonts, based on color or pattern.

Calligraphy Fonts

For hundreds of years, many people are fascinated by Calligraphy and its art. Writers, poets and historians consider Calligraphy as a way of expressing beautiful words by means of curves and slants. With the way scrapbooking is finally growing before our eyes, the emergence of so called Calligraphy fonts are deemed expected and inevitable somehow. With types such as Aenima, Chopin Script, Black Chancery and Dragonfly, one can highlight events and experiences by giving quality words and titles to any desired scrapbook page layout.

Tips on How to Use Fonts

It is always advisable to use easy-to-read and simple fonts for journaling. Besides, scrapbooking is like writing a book with stories of friendships and relationships in it. But for headers and shorter texts feel free to look at the texts as pictures and use your creativity to make them stand out and be a part of your overall design. For digital scrapbookers, it is recommended to add the font directly onto the page while for paper scrapbookers, it is deemed fit if you will firstly create an appropriate text box by using photo-editing software.