Most Popular Scrapbooking Layout Ideas

Inspirations for scrapbooking layout ideas abound like constellations in a perfect starry night. You can get your theme based on recent events such as birthdays, anniversaries and reunions with long-lost pals. For all you realize, even a simple note or birthday card presents you with a theme for your scrapbook page layout.

There are things that you have to keep in mind when dealing with layout themes. First, you need to envision the theme of your scrapbook page and its corresponding visuals. This means considering all valuable embellishments that could range from simple stickers to mere use of rubber stamps. You need to work on a scrapbook page as if it is a blank canvass. In it, you will try to paint a masterpiece and deliver a sincere work of art.

The main steps comprising the scrapbooking process are the following: Photo Organization and Layout Planning. The former focuses on the choice of pictures as well as deciding on a particular theme. It also includes writing and journaling in terms of drafts and random text. Layout Planning, on the contrary, focuses on the overall look of the page. Required activities include additional journaling, photo cropping and use of necessary embellishments.

As for popular layout themes and ideas, you can basically try the following:

Baby Scrapbooking Pages

Baby-inspired pages are not only very appealing but inspiring to work on as a possible layout page. Besides, who can resist the adorable eyes of that cute little thing? Remember your baby’s first steps? How about his first birthday? Actually, babies for a theme are absolute wonders. You simply can’t go wrong with them.

Baby-inspired pages are in fact easy to make. Aside from the inspiration it provides to Mom/ Scrapbookers, photos can be placed and arranged in accordance to year or date. From the very moment they are born up to their first years as a naughty toddler, every detail is a wondrous memory to relive and cherish. Common samples of layouts are baby girl/boy scrapbook title pages, baby poems layout, First Halloween or their first stroll in the park layout. Some parents are even witty enough to consider face painting, dress up and little foot or hands as possible themes.

Family Pages

This layout theme is perfect in keeping family memories alive. In it, you can tell your family’s story and relate words of affection by giving each page appropriate titles and journals. This inspiration provides one with something that is definitely close to the heart. From get-togethers, Sunday night dinners to yearly summer camps, what this layout gives you is more than just pictures but moments that lasted the will of time. Family portraits are like milestones covering various themes from children’s schooling, a teenager’s prom date, graduation and wedding. Every phase of a family’s life is about parents, grandparents and their sons and daughters. And having a family-inspired page is the closest to having your very own family portrait.

Common samples of layouts are First Family Photographs, which focuses on a mother’s first-born son or daughter. Another great inspiration is the Twin Sister layout, where siblings are featured donning adorable costumes and dresses. Special moments shared with aunts, uncles and grandparents also provide great scrapbooking themes. All you have to do is open your eyes and capture each moment with tender loving care and ease.

Memories and Keepsakes

Your first group of childhood friends, your first trip to Disneyland, your first vacation out of the country or your first plane ride, these are fond memories that you will never get tired of reminiscing no matter what. Many scrapbookers capitalize on these precious memories and find great inspiration while doing their first scrapbook page layout. Sometimes, they are being reminded of old mementos like movie tickets, cards, or ID tags. Surprisingly, while others put little weight on these basic things, scrapbooking tends to transform these keepsakes into lovely works of art. By adding these mementos to a blank page and by creating heartfelt text, titles and lines, what they end up with are great scrapbooks meant to touch and inspire more lives.

Common samples of memories and keepsakes are ideas about childhood friends, summer escapades, and vacations to famous places and landmarks. You might want to feature your first trip to Paris or your very first car. You may get inspiration from your vacation trips in Hawaii, Brazil or Maldives. How about your cruise all over Asia? Nevertheless, what’s important is that you are working on a layout theme that is yours to share and is handcrafted in your own way and at your own time.