Scrapbooking Important Occasions

Graduation, weddings, and baptismal are just some of the most important days of your life that can be kept and remembered through scrapbooking. However, meaningful celebrations can be very difficult to scrap for a variety of reasons. Learn the basic of documenting all those precious events in your life.

Have you ever done a project before without preparation and planning? I am sure that you were overwhelmed at that time. It is important to do some pre-planning in whatever big you want to do. You have an advantage if you have a pre-event planning. Make a checklist of the things that are needed for the occasion. And if you are in the event itself, you may take note of the quotes that you hear. Jot down names, times, and other significant things that occur. You could also bring home a few keepsakes as reminders of the event.

Get all your photographs of one particular gathering and then look at each one of them. What comes into your mind as you look at the picture? Do you remember the memories or feelings you experienced during the event? Write these down together with the pictures. Normally, we love to capture everything at the time of the special event. This usually results to having too many pictures. If this is the case, consider breaking down your photos into groups. Grouping them will be easier for you, to see what pictures stand out and what work well together.

Many people resort to scrapbooking because they find journaling a bit hard. This could be due to over-stressing yourself. You push yourself to write really good words about the occasion. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Just think how fun the special occasion was and how much fun you had.

Include the people who were present there and what they did. Perhaps, you still remember the stories from that special day which is worth mentioning in your scrapbook. Write a few sentences or even paragraphs about it. It all depends on your personal style of writing. In fact, you may do your chronicle first before doing the page design. If you think it will make your scrapbooking easier, then go ahead.

After deciding on your format, determine what kind of papers and embellishments would be great for your concept. Part of the preparation is gathering all your photos, chronicles, and scrapbooking materials. Keep in mind that the gathering process does not mean using all these things. This is just a way of gathering the possibilities. Lessen your embellishments and papers according to the length of the activity.

Have Fun
Scrapbooking an important event does not need to be stressful. Mentally prepare yourself and be systematic as you possibly can. There is no need to rush as this should be the time to enjoy and have fun. Most importantly, do not pressure yourself into making the perfect scrapbook. If you put your heart and mind to it (along with your photographs and words, of course), then it is going to be the best.