5 Different Ways To Use Your Scrapbooking Papers

Scrapbooking papers form the foundation of scrapbook layouts and designs. You can make do without photos or embellishments, but scrapbookers would just cringe if you even suggested that they create a scrapbook without using any kind of paper whatsoever. But how do you use your papers? Do you just place it flat and mount it on your cardstock, like hundreds of other scrapbookers do? Or do you try to find new and unique ways to use them?

There are several different ways to use your scrapbooking papers other than what you’ve probably been doing. Have you ever tried crimping, piercing, tracing, and crumpling them? If you haven’t tried anything new with them, then you will need to read this article, because I’m sharing five different ways to use your scrapbooking papers for your projects.


This technique would be far easier to do if you already have a paper-crimping tool. Use the tool on your scrapbooking papers, which will then give them a different look than what you started with. You can also try using the crimping tool on wires, vellum, or foil to see what kind of different looks you can get with those materials.

Now that you have your crimped papers, you can use them for creating “water”, flower petals or stems, fancy borders and frames, and just about anything that you can think of.

Paper Piercing

If you are already familiar with creating or using die cuts, then you will find this technique quite easy., because paper piercing is a lot similar to die cuts. The technique was started by scrapbookers a long time ago and featured paper appliques, which was way before companies started selling books, patterns, and kits that were specifically made for paper piercing purposes.

If you want to make your own paper piercing designs, you can buy a book instead of a pre-made kit. Actually, this technique is not really difficult to master, once you start getting familiar with it. If you need inspiration or ideas, try looking into some magazines or children’s books. The basic shapes like cars, flowers, trees, and animals are quite easy to follow. Put on some glitter or paints to your finished designs to add that extra touch.


If you’re fond of using background papers with irregularly-shaped mats printed on them for mounting your photos, you can use this technique to make your life easier. Get some tracing paper and trace the design onto it.

After you’re done with the tracing, place the paper over your photo, and cut along the lines of the traced design. Now you’ve got a photo that fits perfectly with the design on your background paper.


Some scrapbookers throw away the crumpled pieces of paper they have. You don’t have to do this, actually, because these crumpled pieces of scrapbooking paper can still be used for your projects.

For example, try spraying a piece with some water, crumple it up again, then flattening it out. Go over it with a hot iron for a second or two, and repeat the entire process for a second time. You will end up with a wrinkled but soft background paper for your scrapbook page. You can also crumple up some paper and rub it with chalk to quickly get a rustic look to it.

There are more ways to use scrapbooking papers; even more than what I have shared in this article. Try asking your scrapbooking friends if they know of other ways, and you might be surprised at the stuff you can learn.