Scrapbooking Stickers Ideas

Sometimes, scrapbooking stickers along with other supplies are expensive to buy. One practical solution in purchasing stickers is to buy them on wholesale. A different option is to purchase seasonal scrapbook stickers only when the particular season has passed. Therefore, buy Christmas stickers after the holidays, and collect Easter stickers when it ends. There are many cost-efficient methods in purchasing scrapbook stickers. Just use creativity and imagination. With that, you will see your funds add up.

The most frequently used scrapbooking stickers are the letter or alphabet stickers. These are the kinds of stickers that can be used for names, journaling, page titles, and many others. They add great appeal to the page layouts. If you want to use letter stickers for your scrapbook page title, you will need a ruler and a piece of wax paper. Line up the alphabet stickers on the wax paper using the ruler. Then attach the stickers to your scrapbook title bar as you also peel the wax paper off. This would produce letters in a straight line across the scrapbook page.

On the other hand, a ruler can solely help you make the alphabet stickers straight and even. Stick the letters on the edge the ruler and then put the ruler in the exact place on your page where you want them to be. Next, press the letter down so that the tops of the alphabets would stick to the page. Slowly flip the ruler to release all the letters. Finish the task by sticking them to your scrapbook page. Stickers are generally fragile so do this carefully to avoid bending them when you flip the ruler over. In addition, the ruler helps in measuring the spacing of your letters to make them evenly spaced on the page.

Another letter sticker technique is using blocks of paper. Stick a single letter sticker in the center of every block to create a title or name. You may also layer these stickers on the top of cardstock letters. This creates a dimension or shadow effect on your layouts.

Stickers may be frail but they can be unforgiving the moment they are placed on the scrapbook page. Even the most seasoned scrapbookers make mistakes with stickers. If you happen to attach a sticker mistakenly, don’t worry. Actually, there are several correction solutions that you can do.

The following are some tips on how to fix your sticker mistakes:

- Slowly peel off the sticker. Usually, this leaves some residues. Using an adhesive eraser will remove any leftover parts. This technique often damages the sticker, but does not ruin the layout.

- Use an adhesive remover when peeling the sticker from the scrapbook page. Do your best not to damage both the sticker and the paper.

- Cover your sticker with a matching paper. Use your creativity to make it look intentional.

- Cover the sticker with another bigger sticker. You may also cover it with another embellishment.

To sum up, stickers are excellent materials to make your page layouts look fabulous. You can definitely make a few mistakes along the way. Just use this sticker blunders to create new ideas and get you artistry flowing.