3 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Scrapbooking Storage Furniture

There comes a time when a scrapper needs to think about getting some scrapbooking storage furniture for her workshop. If you’ve been doing it for quite a while, you will also recognize the need to have a consistent storage system for all your materials and supplies. But it doesn’t mean that only veteran scrapbookers with years under their belt will ever have the need for storage. Even if you’re just a beginner who’s been learning the ropes for only a few weeks, it’s a good idea to start planning and preparing for your own storage solutions.

If you don’t have scrapbooking storage furniture, you will soon start to notice your workshop getting messier and messier as time goes by. Yes, you may think that you only need a few plastic containers for your embellishments, a magazine rack for your papers, and some jars for your brads and buttons. But just wait until a few weeks or months pass by. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself rummaging around the house and even under beds, tables, and sofas just to find a particular item.

Scrapbooking storage solutions will allow you to avoid the “hide and seek” part and just focus on the activity that you enjoy the most — creating gorgeous scrapbook albums and preserving memories. But before you go out and start buying up every piece of furniture in the department store, here are three things you should first consider:

1. Think first about the exact location where you will need to place the furniture. The size of the furniture will also come into play here. Will you be needing a regular-sized work desk with drawers, or a full-sized cabinet? Is your room or workshop area big enough to accommodate the furniture you’re planning to buy? Aside from the space for the furniture, you will also need lots of space to work and move around.

2. How much storage space will you need? As mentioned above, sometimes a scrapbooker will only need a work desk with a few drawers for a basic storage solution. If you’re just starting out, it would be impractical to buy a large cabinet when you can’t even fill the top drawer with your materials and albums. On the other hand, if you’re a veteran scrapbooker who’s always working on two or three projects at a time, then you will definitely need a cabinet with lots of drawers (and maybe shelves) to keep all your materials handy and safe.

3. What will you be storing inside your furniture? If you already have other storage solutions for your papers, inks, paints, and other items and just need some place to stash the smaller stuff like brads, buttons, and stickers, then a work desk or table will suffice. However, if you need a place to keep all of your supplies, big or small, then a cabinet would be the best solution for you. You can even pick out a portable shelf system if it fits your needs better.

Remember — you need to take into consideration the location, the space you will need, and the items you will be storing inside your furniture before making a buying decision. This way, you will avoid wasting your time and money.