Great Tips for Wedding Scrapbook Ideas

An archive full of harmony, passion and intimacy- this is what wedding scrapbook ideas are all about. When you share this momentous event with someone, you can’t sometimes help but be amazed with the story and desire between the supposed groom and bride. Of course, any event including a wedding represents a timeless tale of affection and desire and a newly-wed wants to share this special moment with almost everyone.

Surely, you can choose to compile wedding photos in professional wedding albums, and the like. However, formal photo albums can be further complemented by scrapbook pages and layouts. A compilation of the best wedding pictures can act as supportive hard copies, along with souvenirs and invites. Plus, by adhering to the following ideas, you are certain that your wedding and its memories will stand the test of time.

For some people, doing wedding scrapbooks can be difficult. While the overall theme is purely simple and conventional, the underlying pressure of finding the best photos proves hard. It presents a challenge to any scrapbooker, especially if she is the bride. Even the choice of embellishments and journals gives our avid scrapbooker a not-so-typical task. But how do you overcome the pressures to successfully find the best theme or wedding idea? Read on and learn how.

The Walk in the Aisle

Imagine yourself in that particular moment when you are slowly walking down the aisle. Think of the eager faces that cried and shared their tears while you are gracefully approaching the altar. Did you remember your father’s tight embrace or your mother’s smile? How about the groom’s eternal gaze as if you are the only queen of his heart? Yes, photographs that speak of these special moments can be the perfect pictures for your scrapbook page layout.

The Bride and Groom Layout

This wedding-inspired theme focuses on the lead characters- the groom and the bride. You can highlight the bride’s wedding dress, the groom’s preparations before the big day, and the couple’s walk out the church, or their departure via their bridal car. Yes, so many ideas for numerous wedding layouts. You can also focus more on the reception and highlight its photos featuring the newly-wed’s toast, slicing of cake or first dance.

The Kiss

If there is one moment that most guests and visitors anticipate after the ceremony, that would be the kiss. It is like the icing on the cake, and a celebrated ending to an equally celebrated life as husband and wife. So, why not use that photo and embellish your page with rhinestones for a more formal look and elegant style? Choose an appropriate font like French Script to give justice to titles, headings and journals. In other words, let that kiss stay for years by means of a creative and impressive page layout.

Other great themes for weddings are flower girl/ ring bearer layouts, wedding gifts and surprises theme or heritage wedding layouts. You can try to use other elements relative to the wedding as inspiration for your scrapbook page like the garden wedding theme or beach wedding layout.